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Patterson Wealth Management Group, LLC (PWMG) is an innovative wealth management firm, which specializes in serving the needs of professional athletes and their families. We are an independent, fee-only investment advisory and wealth management firm guided by one fundamental belief: We believe in Managing Life not Lifestyles.
Professional athletes need a trusted advisor that will provide unbiased advice, direction and education on all aspects related to their wealth management objectives. At PWMG, we incorporate a comprehensive, goals-oriented approach to financial planning, for the unique needs of today’s professional athlete.  We work with our clients in designing individualized strategies to create and preserve family wealth for future generations.

Unlike other financial advisors who sell investments or insurance products and manage just a small portion of a client's financial portfolio, we partner with our clients to oversee their entire wealth management plan. PWMG is able to offer assistance in finding the appropriate professionals to aid in any personal or business financial situation. We create accountability by implementing controls that will help our clients become more aware of how their money managers' investment decisions will impact their long-term wealth. We are not in direct conflict with the financial services firms, and are not aligned with either the leagues or the advisors. As such, we are more independent and less likely to be mistrusted, since our incentives are aligned with those of our clients.

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