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The Difference between PWMG and other companies who refer to themselves as “Wealth Managers” is our enhanced level of contact, simplified communication and the breadth of our services.  Most financial service providers only meet with their clients annually or semi-annually after the initial plan is created.  We are available on a day to day basis for guidance and implementation of the plan.  PWMG understands that most of our clients are not financially savvy.  We are able to simplify complex financial information so that it is easy for non-financial persons to understand.  It is not uncommon for an athlete to have an entourage of financial service providers.  These providers can include a bill paying service, a financial advisor, a tax accountant, a business manager, an investment advisor, an estate attorney, and another accountant to audit everyone else.  PWMG serves as your “One-Man Entourage”.  We provide all of the above services at a fraction of the cost.

What We Are…

What We are not…

Cash Management



Investment Managers


Estate Attorneys

Financial Planner






Agent:  PWMG is not an agent.  We assist in the agent selection process and help structure an Agent Agreement that will best represent our clients.  We work closely with your agent regarding matters that may impact your career.

Investment Advisor:  PWMG is not an investment advisor.  We do not manage any investment accounts or sell any investment products.  PWMG does assist our clients in developing a financial plan, and we assist in selecting an investment advisor to carry out our clients’ long term financial objectives.

Estate Attorney:  PWMG is not an estate attorney.  PWMG will assist in the overall development of an estate plan.  We assist in the selection of an estate attorney and will work closely with the attorney to draft estate documents that meet the needs of our clients.

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